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Eighth Day


On the eighth day, the Creator danced with joy, delighting in His wondrous handiwork.

Rays of sunlight, wrapped in a cerulean-hued sky, surrounded and comforted all living things.

Inspired from his own image, mankind flourished, pure and innocent; a precocious masterpiece.

She appeared and stared awestruck.

“Look at everything!” He said, running to Her side pointing out to the heavens.

“A glorious first creation,” She said, marveling at the dazzling blue orb, spinning in its celestial home.

“Mankind will need your grace, they’ll love you, yet sometimes break your heart. You’ll understand this someday child — but for now, it’s your bedtime.”


The Dance



Photo Public Domain

The music is uplifting…yet full of despair. The intertwined melodies of the flute and cello fill the room.

Powerless loved ones surround a dying child and pray — Life and Death dance together unnoticed, each desperately trying to lead.

When the dance ends with the flute’s rising trill, Death stands back as Life steps forward.

Then, with an unseen power, the lost child awakes from the abyss and reaches for loving arms; hopeful and joyous.

Life and Death enter the next room and wonder, how will this dance end — with the flute…or the cello?



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